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USA & Japan Will Meet Again In The FIFA World Cup Final

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After a shocking finish to the Japan vs. England semifinal match, USA will take on Japan in the World Cup Final this Sunday. Rewind to four years ago and this was the exact position both teams were in while competing in the 2011 World Cup. With the history of losing in penalty kicks their last go-around, USA should come out on fire and hungry for the title. USA beat Japan in the 2012 olympics winning the gold medal, but all soccer fans know, the World Cup is where it’s at when it comes to being the best.

Although USA beat Germany, who was ranked No.1 coming into the tournament, there’s nothing like sweet revenge for a championship game. In the bigger scheme of things, USA is returning with new players, excellent speed and depth, where at any given time, theĀ eleven players on the field can control the game. If they play to their best ability and utilize all strengths, USA should come out on top. This team is not the same as the 1991 or 1999 World Cup squad, they’re a completely new set of women, on a completely new journey. On or off the field, you can tell these ladies are vibing off positive energy and the determination to win.

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