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Finish Line Fam Stays Free in Nike Frees

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Nike Frees have found their way into the hearts of many. They are on feet in every gym across the world, on the sidewalks deep in the hearts of cities, for the casual wearers and trainers, and so on. We sent out some Frees to our Finish Line Fam. Here’s what they had to say about them:

Women’s Nike Frees

Andy Arnold of @FitAndy

Website: FitAndy.com
Instagram: @FitAndy
Twitter: @FitAndyy

“I wear the Nike Free 5.0 when I am weightlifting and boxing. Believe it or not, these are my first purple shoes. They are nicely cushioned and roomy to accommodate all the different movements in my workouts. My favorite feature on these shoes is the mesh outside, keeps the shoes breathable and sexy. Now go on with your bad self!” – Andy 

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“The Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit fit snuggly and are extremely flexible. The cutest and lightest shoes you could ever own that are perfect for errands, short runs, or a gym session. I am in love with my turquoise colored frees, and the touches of Volt and purple in the threads allow it to match with anything. These shoes truly make you feel young, wild, and free! “ – Andy 

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Ashleigh Hinrichs of @asheejojo

Website: DailyCupofAsheejojo.com
Instagram: @Asheejojo
Twitter: @Asheejojo

“The Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit is super lightweight and comfortable worn with or without socks. I just love the vibrant blend of colors and print that the stitching makes.” – Ashleigh

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Anna Bediones of @atothebed

Instagram: @atothebed
Twitter: @atothebed

“The Free Flyknit 4.0 is a comfortable, sock-like sneaker that will provide breathability during the summer season — perfect for going sockless. I wore them with my Nike Sportswear reversible bomber jacket, loose running pants and running 3M hat for one of my go-to Nike sporty looks … The Nike Free will always have a place in my heart and are a great versatile shoe that I feel embody the Not Just for the Gym style: casual, sporty and cool. There is a colorway and model for every preference, style and place.” – Anna

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Michelle Carigma of Modern Fit

Instagram: @_ModernFit
Twitter: @mchelleapril

“Once you become fearless, you become limitless. I’m feeling unstoppable with my new Nike Free 3.0 Flyknits. Nike has outdone themselves again by creating a comfortable and supportive shoe that’s perfect for running.” – Michelle

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Men’s Nike Frees

Oscar Castillo of Modern Notoriety

Instagram: @VinceSirico
Twitter: @ModernNotoriety

“Not only is the Nike Flyknit 4.0 a great runner and aesthetically eye catching, but it’s also one of a few models that blend in with nature perfectly.” – Oscar

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Sean Go

Instagram: @SGO8

“Nike took last year’s winning formula and tweaked it just enough to create another winner for 2015. Stylistically, the Free 5.0 has been streamlined while retaining the support and comfort I need for a performance running shoe. The Free 4.0 Flyknit has been improved as well, featuring a more intricate knit pattern that is sure to turn heads during my outdoor runs. Photographing these shoes was a fun process, and my aim was really to show how versatile they both could be — worn as a performance shoe, as well as casually.” – Sean Go

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Check out these Nike Frees and more, available now at FinishLine.com.