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Jordan Brand Classic: Dwayne Bacon

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As part of our Jordan Classic coverage, Finish Line polled 10 of the finest up-and-coming players in America about what it means to them to play in the game that bears Michael Jordan’s name, among other topics. Today, the spotlight belongs to elite guards Dwayne Bacon and Eric Davis.

Dwayne Bacon (@BaconDwayne1000)

An explosive 6-foot-6 guard, Bacon returns from Oak Hill Academy to his home state to play for Florida State next season. He won the McDonald’s Game Dunk Contest by jumping over Jalen Rose; he also has a nice outside shooting touch. Bacon, who scored 8 points and had 5 rebounds in the Jordan Game, will share a backcourt with fellow top recruit Malik Hairston.

I know you’re a pretty good dunker, just a little better than me! What’s it like to be at this game sponsored by one of the greatest dunk contest champions of all time?

It’s a great experience. I watch a lot of his highlights, just because I always tell myself that I want to be … not the next Michael Jordan, but something like him. Because we’re a similar size, he had a little more hops than I have …

More than anyone, really!

Yeah. [Laughs] I’m working on that. But it’s just a great experience to play here. He was the best basketball player in the world! So it’s just great to play in this game named after him.

What would you say, if there was one characteristic of his you wish you could take for your game — physical, mental, anything?

His mindset on the whole game, like the way that he wants to go into every game and play, no matter good or bad. He just wants to play; he just loves the game. And I just want to take that with me from him.

Photo by Bryan Horowitz

Photo by Bryan Horowitz

So that’s the mentality you try to have?

Yeah, I mean, when I step on the court, I’m ready to play at all times. Whether it be pickup, scrimmage, real game, I’m ready to play because I love the game.

You had the experience of playing for a terrific high school team, and now you’re heading back home to play for Florida State. Was that important for you?

I mean, it wasn’t really important — I wasn’t looking to stay home — but it’s just a great situation. I always wanted to play in the ACC, and I feel like I can walk into Florida State and compete for a spot right away, and hopefully take this team farther than they did last year.

** Stay tuned later today to hear from Eric Davis and tomorrow to get the word from Kentucky-bound center Skal Labissiere and Ohio State commit Austin Grandstaff as our coverage of the Jordan Brand Classic continues.