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#JordanFridays: How Do You Wear Your J’s?

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You know how each sneaker is unique with its own story?

Well, just like that, no two sneaker wearers are completely alike.

From the “outfitfromabove” method, the “Ronnie Fieg“, in-the-air action shot, reflective water look, or even the classic on-foot, we all rock our kicks and take pictures of them in our own way. That’s what’s so great about sneakers and the community surrounding them.

And the Jordan community is as strong and varied as they come. Hence, #JordanFridays.

Don’t know what that is?

Here’s your 10 second breakdown: Every Friday, sneaker enthusiasts everywhere break out their best Jordan heat, use the hashtag #JordanFridays, tag @Finishline, and sit back as all the shoe-related kudos pop up in their notifications.

Check out of the best shots from last week and show some love if you’re feeling it. If you’re in need of some heat in the meantime, you already know where to get your Jordans from.

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