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#JordanFridays: Get Lifted

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What’s the thought burning at the backs of everybody’s minds today?

“It’s Fridayyyyyy!”

Possibly one of the most magical days of the week, Fridays are ripe with opportunities and potential (i.e., this writer might be whipping this up in a hotel in Denver, just sayin’).

The fifth day of the week is exciting for a smaller sect of the population for another reason: #JordanFriday/#AirJordanFridays.

On this nearly holy day of freedom, sneaker lovers, collectors, and enthusiasts around the globe bring out their Jordans, snap perfectly posed shots, use the #JordanFriday/#AirJordanFridays hashtag, tag @FinishLine for a chance at corporate sneaker blog glory, and kick up their feet as the praise rolls in. That’s how it’s supposed to work, right?

No? Well, while I go and figure this out, here are the best #JordanFridays/#AirJordanFridays posts from the past week. This week’s theme is “Get Lifted”, get it?

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Keep it locked to The Blog each Friday for our #JordanFridays roundups, and if you’re in need of some new heat, you know where to go.