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Nike Air Huarache “Love/Hate” Pack

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Originally released in 1991, and designed by none other than our beloved man Tinker, the Nike Air Huaraches are making a comeback. HARD. And the “Love/Hate” Pack just might be the best two-punch combo in the 23-year history of Huaraches. Sneakers. The World.

Perhaps it’s the Black/Red and Red/Black colorways that put these on the high pedestal they so deservingly sit upon. We all know how popular the all-red sneaker trend is right now, and these fall right in line with the best of the them — or rather, above the line.

Or maybe it’s their futuristic-looking heel strap that just can’t be paralleled. It wraps behind ankles making them stay snuggly in place and adds mad style points too.

Or it could simply be their nostalgic aura. It takes sneaker enthusiasts back to a time when, well, the sneaker game was a lot more love and a lot less game. Just sneakers, and wearers.

Love ’em or Hate ’em or love ’em. The Nike Air Huarache Love/Hate Pack is available tomorrow at 8am EST at FinishLine.com.