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Bootcamp Workout 1, Inspired by The Tough Mudder – With @FitWithMeShelby

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One of my most anticipated events of the year, the Tough Mudder, is coming up! It’s a 10-mile obstacle course that promotes awareness and money for the Wounded Warrior Project. This isn’t your cutesy obstacle course where participants bounce through hanging yoga balls or jump around in car tires, though. With a hurdle list that includes the likes of Fire in Your Hole, Ladder to Hell, and Electric Eel, this race is the real deal and will certainly to test your mind and body. Appropriately, I created this workout around bootcamp exercises. Have fun with this, and don’t give up!

Click here for a condensed print-out version of this workout.


1. Arm/Shoulder (Tapezius and Lateral) Stretch


Link your hands behind your head. Pull one arm down toward the opposite shoulder until you feel tension in your upper back and shoulders.

Quantity: 30 seconds on each side

2. Quadriceps Stretch


Lift your foot toward your butt. Push your knee back as you pull your foot closer to you.

Quantity: 30 seconds

2. Low Squat Stretch


Squat down to the ground, and kick one leg out to the side. Use your core to keep balanced. This will stretch out your inner thighs and hamstrings.

Quantity: 30 seconds on each side

4. Side Plank Stretch


Start in a high plank position, one foot stacked on top of the other. Stretch your upper arm all the way over your head.

Tip: If balancing is too hard, lean your body against a wall

Quantity: 30 seconds


Complete the entire circuit fully without taking any rests, just like a true bootcamp workout would. Then, repeat the circuit 3 times.

1. Elevated Tricep Hold


Find a surface about 2 ½ feet high (a bench or couch works great). Go into pushup position, and A lower down to about 2 inches from the ground with B feet on top of the surface.

Quantity: Hold for 1 minute, then move directly into Elevated High Plank Crunch

2. Elevated High Plank Crunch

A Find a ledge about 2 ½ to 3 feet tall. This can be the same surface you used for the Elevated Tricep Hold. B Kick one foot up higher than your head. C Drop your knee down and bring toward the elbow on the opposite side.

Quantity: 10 crunches consecutively on each side

Note: Complete one side before moving to the other, then move onto Leg Lift Plank without taking any rests

3. Leg Lift Plank

A Begin in a forearm plank, body should be parallel to the ground. B Lift one leg straight up, higher than your head. C Lower your leg, and then repeat the same motion on the other side.

Quantity: 16 lifts total (8 per side)

Note: Move onto Burpee’s without taking any breaks

4. Burpee

A Stand straight with your arms over head. B Squat all the way down, and plant your palms to the ground under your shoulders. C Kick both legs back into pushup position. D Hop feet back into a squat. Stand back up, and you have completed a full burpee!

Quantity: 12 burpees

Note: Move on to the Obstacle Jump, the last move of the circuit, without taking a rest. You’re almost finished!

5. Obstacle Jump

A Grab an object or find a marker to jump over. A sidewalk crack would do just fine! B Jump up and over the object. C Jump back and forth continuously.

Quantity: 1 minute

Congratulations! You have just completed the first round! Take a minute or two to breath and then repeat the round 2 more times. Do this 3 times a week until the next bootcamp workout comes out in two weeks.

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