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Nike LeBron XI Elite “Hero”

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A lot of us grew up idolizing super heroes. Whether it was the web spinning Spider-Man or crime fighting Batman, we all wanted to have super powers.

Sadly, we all reached an age when we realized these characters were fictional, and their super powers were unattainable unless we planned on becoming actors. For those of us who played basketball, we had our own cast of superheroes whose powers sometimes seemed unreal, but we believed we could imitate them if we worked hard enough.

Some of them could fly, and others could get shots that appeared to be magical.

There is no question that one of the biggest modern day hoops heroes is LeBron James. His speed, size and strength makes us believe that he can hold his own in any comic book. Superheros have their costumes and special weaponry, and LeBron has a tool equally as important in his signature shoes.

The Nike LeBron Elite XI are designed for a hero, and more specifically a King. The XI was already a beast of a shoe and now has been taken to a new level for the playoffs, just like LeBron’s game. This Laser Crimson and Turbo Green version is nice enough to have Peter Parker himself lining up for a pair.

You can get your pair of the Nike LeBron Elite XI on May 9th at 8 AM EST on finishline.com.