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Best Team On The Field: Finish Line National Managers Meeting 2014

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They came, they saw, they are “the best team on the field”.

That was this year’s theme for the Finish Line National Managers Meeting held in Indianapolis. Over 650 managers and nearly 1000 people descended on the annual event. It is arguably the most important three days out of the entire fiscal year for the Indy-based athletic retailer.


Because when you’re a multi-billion dollar company with thousands working for you, you’ve got to put in the work for them, too. You take care of your people. They’ve got to know that you know their worth.

And in the case of the National Managers Meeting, that means everybody gets flown into Indy, put up in a place that only needs to be known as the “J.W.”, and basically gets every detail taken care of so they can sit back, relax, and feel the appreciation in the air.

Appreciation is only the beginning.

These precious few days allows managers to give back to the community as a team, meet corporate counterparts usually on the other side of a screen, brush elbows with key vendors, get inspired by some pretty big names like Tinker Hatfield (thanks Nike/Jordan), Snoop Dogg (thanks adidas), and Deion Sanders (thanks Under Armour), and most importantly, bond with other managers.

It’s like training camp.

After non-stop meetings, greetings, networking, and everything else conference-related, you’re nearly spent from all the excitement and commotion. In a good way. As buses depart in different directions, there’s this final rallying huddle for each region. That’s when you know you’re part of something bigger. These are your people. They get it.

You’re part of “the best team on the field”.

P.S. Special shoutout to Chris Anurak (@chrisanurak), Store Manager of Finish Line Store #34 AKA the Lima Mall Finish Line in Lima, Ohio.

He got Tinker Hatfield’s signature tattooed on him. That is hardcore Tinker love.