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Pro Talk: Dwight Howard, Jeremy Lin & Patrick Beverly Discuss Looking Like a Baller and Playoff Basketball

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The Houston Rockets are back to the playoffs for a second consecutive year but this year is different. Instead of squeezing into the last spot, Houston, with a new roster, is the 4th seed in the West. After catching up with some of the team, it’s apparent that their success is a direct result of the way the team gets along off the court. We talk shop with Dwight Howard, Jeremy Lin, Patrick Beverly, Omri Casspi and Donatas Motiejunas in our latest edition of Pro Talk with Team adidas. Find out what the playoffs mean to the team, whether or not it’s important to look like a baller on the court, traveling and going on safaris.


Dwight Howard, Jeremy Lin, Patrick Beverly, Omri Casspi, Donatas Motiej?nas

What are some of your biggest passions away from basketball?

Dwight Howard: My biggest passions away from basketball are playing video games. I love to do that. I sit at home all day and play Call of Duty. I like paintball and I love to travel. I think that’s one of the best things about being a professional athlete. We can travel around the world. That was my dream growing up, travel and see places. Go to the Eiffel Tower, go to China, try some food there and see how different it is from America. Stuff like that. I love it. For some reason, my passion is to sleep too. I like sleeping.

Patrick Beverly: You got a lot of passions, bro.

Dwight: I think that’s good!

Omri Casspi: He’s a passionate guy!

Donatas Motiej?nas (D-Mo): He’s Passionate!

Patrick: He asked you for one passion. You got like seven.

Dwight: Ok, what’s your passion then?

Patrick: My family.

Dwight: You’re passionate about your family?

Patrick: I’m very passionate about my family. Family oriented guy. Fam first.

Dwight: I thought we was your family? Why you treat us like outsiders?

D-Mo: Yeah, right now you don’t make us feel special.

Patrick: I don’t treat y’all like outsiders. I treat my family different then y’all.

Dwight: But you said we all family?

Patrick: You are family–

Dwight: I love you, though.

Patrick: I love you too, Dwight. What about you Lin-O?

Jeremy Lin: Family, faith, I like video games.

D-Mo: That’s three.

Patrick: There’s another one with three.

[Everyone laughs]

Dwight: So we can’t be passionate about more than one thing?

Patrick: You can limit your passions to one passion, bro. Not like 8 passions.

Dwight: I’m passionate about a lot of stuff!

Patrick: Traveling, video games, Call of Duty…

Dwight: I love to travel!

D-Mo: That’s like a subcategory passion.

Dwight: Anyway, what about you, Omri?

Omri: My passion is traveling the world, the ability to play basketball for 7-8 months and to go back home to Israel and be with my family, travel my country. And, enjoy my free time.

Dwight: See? Traveling is fun!

D-Mo: I’m a little different. I think all our passions are basketball. When I have free time in the summer I like to go fishing. It doesn’t matter if I catch something or not, I just like to sit down and relax. Especially in nature, to see the sun come up in the early morning when you wake up to fish.

Dwight: Let me find out he romantic!

Patrick: Reading The Notebook!

Dwight: “Baby, let’s watch the sun come up.”

[Everyone laughs]

D-Mo: It’s just a different feeling. For me, when you see how nature wakes up it’s nice.

Patrick: I like D-Mo’s better than everybody’s.

Dwight: Have you been on a safari?

D-Mo: No, I haven’t had a chance. I like to travel but the national teams, we play every year, every summer. European championships, we have to take one of the best three places to qualify for the Olympics. There’s a lot of competition for us so we’re practicing pretty much all summer.

Dwight: I’m pretty sure you would like safaris because you like to watch nature and all that stuff. You would love a safari.

D-Mo: You had a chance to do that?

Dwight: I’ve been on a couple. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever been on. You see all the different animals. You got the elephants, the zebras and the monkeys, and they’re like friends. So, they all hang out together. They’re all at the lake drinking together.

[Everyone laughs]

Dwight Howard, Jeremy Lin, Patrick Beverly,

Dwight: I’m serious!

Patrick: I’m not laughing at you. I’m laughing at…something else.

Dwight: Anyway, all these animals are chilling together. The zebras are like the lookout for everyone.

Omri: I think it would be fun to go to Africa and see that.

Dwight: Safari, it’s in their natural habitat.

Omri: How are they friends, though? How are zebras friends with tigers?

Dwight: Did I mention tigers? They’re not gonna eat each other, so they hang out together.

Jeremy: They like plants.

Dwight: I’m dead serious!

Patrick: What is this Jumanji, bro?

Dwight: I’ve been on a safari, so I know.

Patrick: I’ve never seen an elephant and a monkey chillin’ with each other.

D-Mo: What’s the next subject, we’re going too far with this.

Jeremy: He means coexist.

Dwight: You would never find a lion and a zebra next to each other but elephants and zebras and monkeys, they’re not going to eat each other so they can go to the same watering hole. I’ve seen it! I’m not gonna tell y’all something I haven’t seen before.

Patrick: Crazy stories.

Dwight: Crazy story. But anyway.

Dwight Howard, Jeremy Lin, Patrick Beverly, Team adidas for Finish Line

Let’s talk about style.

Jeremy: Can you talk about why you wear your arm sleeves?

Dwight: Yeah. That’s style right there. I wear my arm sleeves for style.

Patrick: So nothing is wrong with your arms?

Dwight: Ain’t nothing wrong with my arms. I just like wearing sleeves because they make my muscles pop out a little bit more.

[Everyone laughs]

Patrick: So you gotta have the look?

Dwight: It’s all about the look. You gotta have the look on court. If you don’t look like a baller…

Patrick: Then you’re not a baller.

Dwight: You’re not a baller.

Jeremy: Do I look like a baller?

Dwight: No.

[Everyone laughs]

Patrick: He a baller, though.

Dwight: He is a baller but he don’t have that baller look when he steps on the court.

[Everyone laughs]

Jeremy Lin wearing a Finish Line Exclusive adidas Crazy 8

Dwight Howard, Jeremy Lin, Patrick Beverly, Omri Casspi, Donatas Motiej?nas

Dwight Howard, Jeremy Lin, Patrick Beverly, adidas Howard, adidas Springblade, adidas Crazy 8

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