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adidas Boost – Energy Running

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No running shoe has hit the market and made as much noise as the adidas Boost in quite some time. When the Boost first was introduced, initial reports from adidas caused speculation from many runners because they claimed that the newly designed midsoles stored massive amounts of energy that released upon foot strike. In fact, they claimed that the Boost had a higher degree of energy return than any other running shoe on the market.

Many wondered if this outrageous claim could possibly be true. 

Well, adidas did do their research in fact, and RunnersWorld.com confirmed that the adidas Boost had a higher amount of energy return than all 800 models that they have tested to date.

Pretty impressive. They key to this energy return is in the approximately 2,500 tiny EVA foam capsules located in the midsole that absorb impact when the foot strikes down. The shoe does not release the energy until the foot starts to come up again. The result is an actual energy boost in each stride, that will not only propel you forward, but also provide a soft landing for less wear and tear on your joints.

The midsole isn’t the only thing that makes the adidas Boost an exceptional runner, because the upper of this model has been finely tuned as well. Welded synthetic overlays on the upper provide a seamless construction, and techfit is used for added stability and a personalized fit.

If you are looking for that one running shoe that will give you the edge to beat your personal bests, check out the adidas Boost available now on finishline.com.