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Runnin’ of the Green, Workout 3 – With @FitWithMeShelby

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As you know, Runnin’ of the Green is coming up to honor St. Patrick’s Day and raise awareness for Volunteers of America. We only have 2 Irish inspired workouts left before the big day. This week’s theme? Leprechauns found in Irish Folklore!

A. 4 Pre and Post Workout Stretches

1. Lucky Leg Lift

@FitWithMeShelby ©tyler vitello

In this leg lift, we are going to stretch out our Gracilis (just a tricky word for inner thigh muscle!). Prop your left foot atop a surface about hip height. Tilt the outside of your left hip bone upward as you reach for your left foot. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat on right side.

2. Shoemakers Toe Reach

@FitWithMeShelby ©tyler vitello

Sit with your legs touching and extended out in front of you on a flat surface. Keep your legs straight and simply reach for your toes! Hold position for 15 seconds.

3. Deltoid Stretch

@FitWithMeShelby ©tyler vitello

To avoid cramping in our shoulders, we will stretch out our Deltoids. Place one hand on your upper back so that that elbow is pointing upward. With the opposite hand, push the elbow closer to your body until you feel your shoulder muscle (Deltoid) stretching. Hold 10 seconds per side.

4. Rainbow Back Bend

@FitWithMeShelby ©tyler vitello

Begin lying on your back, knees bent, feet planted on the ground. Bend arms backward planting hands on the ground next to your ears. In one smooth motion, lift your butt up and push your hands into the ground allowing your hips to continue extending upward and your head to come off the ground. Hold for 10 seconds.

Note: If this seems way too scary, try standing up with your arms extended over your head and arch your back as much as possible. Hold position for 10 seconds.

B. 4-Step Workout

1. Jumping Leprechaun Squat

@FitWithMeShelby Jumping Leprechaun Squat

A Begin in traditional squat position: knees bent over toes, legs bent at 90 degrees and parallel to the ground, hands behind your head, and shoulders back. B Jump straight up, fully extending legs and return to starting position. 8-10 jumps is one set. Finish 5 sets while taking a breather in between each.

Tip: Add some wrist weights for an added workout.

2. Gold Glute Lift

@FitWithMeShelby Glute Lift

A Lay on your back with your knees bent and feet firmly planted on the ground. B Slowly lift your pelvis upward until your body makes a straight line from your knees to your shoulders. Lift 10 times to make one set. Pause between each set, and complete 5 in total.

Tip: Place a medicine ball in between knees for an added workout. It will require extra muscle power to keep the ball from falling.

3. Shamrock Sit Up

@FitWithMeShelby Shamrock Sit Up

Shamrocks normally have 3 leaves (unless you are lucky enough to find one with 4!). For this abdominal exercise, we will work our abs in 3-steps. A Lay on your back with legs extended upward, making a 90-degree angle with your body. B Lower your legs to about 6 inches from the ground. C Spread your legs outward just over shoulder-width apart and return to A. This is one rep. Do 5 sets of 8-12 reps.

Tip: The slower you move, the more of a workout you will get!

4. 15 Minutes Choice Cardio

Choice Cardio @FitWithMeShelby ©tyler vitello

My favorite form of cardio is running, but you may choose to walk or jog with your pup, dance to your favorite playlist, or any other form of consistent movement that gets your cardiovascular system pumping! Just keep moving for 15 minutes!

Repeat exercises 1-3 one more time and finish with the same stretches from A. Plan on doing this circuit 3-5 times per week over the next 2 weeks, and get excited for the St. Patrick’s Day surprise I have next!

If this is your first time to my column, bi-weekly I create different workouts for you based on an upcoming charitable race. Stay inspired with fresh new ideas and exercises. Snap a pic of yourself doing one of my workouts, competing at your own events, or just showing what you do to stay motivated to exercise your beautiful body. Don’t forget to use #FNLfit and tag me (@fitwithmeshelby).

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Shelby Elmore, fitness enthusiast, is an aspiring Personal Trainer and is currently working on obtaining her National Association of Sports Medicine Degree. Give Shelby a follow on Twitter and Instagram to get more exercise ideas, try out her healthy recipes, and stay motivated. All photos are copyrighted by Tyler Vitello.