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Air Tech Challenge Huarache Celebrates “The Punisher” Days

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Harken back to the days when Andre “The Punisher” Agassi was rockin’ the flowing locks and allover tribal print was all the rage. Oh yes, it was the ’90s. In all it’s mullet ragin’, shoulder pad rockin’ glory.

It was 1992 to be exact. Agassi had emerged onto the global tennis stage as the winner of that year’s Wimbledon. On his way to that big tennis trophy, he was rocking the Nike Air Tech Challenge Huaraches.

When this retired legend signed back on with Nike, we all knew they had to bring back some tennis court classics. This new cool grey and university blue combo uses more neutral colors, unlike the OG colorways that were all about the loud and proud hues.

Switching over from the heavy duty leather upper, this rendition uses buttery smooth nubuck in cool grey while university blue accents make this a very UNC-esque shoe. Outside of that, this retro keeps true to its OG heritage, complete with the iconic Swoosh-less sides, sock-like Huarache fit, and asymmetric toe cutouts for a toe box that scoffs at creases.

You can get like old school Agassi by scooping up the Air Tech Challenge Huaraches on February 22nd at finishline.com.