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Charles Barkley’s Nike Air Force Max CB 2 Gets An Update

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Over 20 years ago, Charles Barkley, otherwise known as, The Round Mound of Rebound, was considered a role model, despite his best efforts to deny it. Today, Sir Charles may be more about the round than the mound, but he’s still looked up to by basketball fans around the world, even if sometimes just for his comedic value.

Back when Charles was still beasting on the boards, he was going head-to-head against Michael Jordan, even in his Nike commercials. MJ’s probably the winner when it comes to sneaker battles, depending on where you’re from, but there is no denying: Charles Barkley’s Nikes are nothing short of legendary.

The Nike Air Force Max CB 2 originally released in 1993 while Barkley was a Phoenix Sun and lead them to victory against international opponents. The Air Force Max CB 2 may be remembered for its Phoenix-inspired colorways, but it returns with a new lightweight Hyperfuse upper and in red and blue colorways that would make a good look for his time as a Philadelphia 76er.

You can grab the Air Force Max CB 2 Hyperfuse on February 7th at 8AM EST on finishline.com.