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Women’s Brooks Transcend Exceeds Expectations: Performance Review

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Smooth, light weight, ultra-plush…not phrases generally used to describe supportive running shoes. Brooks has found a way to defy the clunky, heavy, and stiff reputation of this shoe category with their debut of the Transcend.

Claiming to have a cushioning and support system that adapts to each runner’s specific needs, I was skeptical of what this shoe could offer a neutral runner. If I don’t need a lot of motion control, my initial questions was, Won’t this shoe be too much control for me? I couldn’t wait to put the hype to the test and see if the Brooks Transcend could perform for me!

Out of the box, it was exciting to see pink hotness before my eyes. Even if the shoe doesn’t work, at least I will look cute! In all seriousness though, the color of the shoes, along with their reflective accents, will allow cars to spot me coming at them before the sun rises. At first glance, I also noticed they had a ton of midsole cushioning, so I was surprised how light they felt while them tossing around.

With a smooth upper, free from heavy materials and plastic, the Transcend had a snug fit, giving my feet a secure feeling without much bulk. As soon as the shoes hit the ground, I noticed the wide platform and soft, but not too soft, cushioning.

Brooks Transcend

From road to trail, mountain to valley, I put the Transcend to the test in sun, sleet, rain, and snow. Very responsive cushioning kept my feet feeling great without sucking the energy out of my steps. The wide base of the shoe felt extremely stable, offering a large surface area for shock absorption.   This platform even performed well on rocky trails. Feeling agile and balanced in rough terrain is hard to accomplish with a high cushioned training shoe!

The Transcend features a smooth design on the outsole that doesn’t pick up rocks or mud. I don’t need anything weighing me down! As opposed to traditional medial posts, the Brooks’ new “guide rails” sit on top of the midsole foam to control your movement if you move too far from the way your body is expected to travel. This new technology left me feeling supported but not over-corrected.

As I continue to put these shoes to the test, they continue to exceed my expectations. The lightweight, soft cushioning keeps me coming back for more without fatigue or foot pain.  Constructed with the highest quality materials and newest design technology, this shoe has been made to make all runners run happy. Put the Brooks Transcend to the test yourself!

The Women’s Brooks Transcend will release February 1st on finishline.com.