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Brooks Transcend: Sneak Inside Saturday

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Sneak Inside: Brooks Transcend

Peep the latest and greatest running shoe from Brooks: the Transcend. Cue heavenly music. Feeling your run is so last year; it’s all about the Float this year. Years of biomechanics research and development went into this premium runner so you can “rise above the run”. Never-before-seen technologies like Super DNA, Guide Rails, and Ideal Pressure Zones provide adaptable cushioning suitable for your stride, on-demand support, and equal distribution of any force you can dish out. It doesn’t matter if you’re barely a jogger or a seasoned marathoner, the whole point of the Transcend is to let you do your thing on the run. Scoop up your pair and experience what running on clouds feels like.

The Brooks Transcend will be available on February 1st at finishline.com.