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The Best Sneakers of the Agenda Tradeshow

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This week the city of Long Beach, California, was host to one of the streetwear and footwear industries biggest trade shows, the Agenda Trade Show. Agenda is an event where brands, both up-and-coming and established, gather under one roof to showcase their new apparel, accessories, and sneakers. Agenda gives brands a great opportunity to lock new clients and give the press a sneak peak at what the upcoming months will bring. The attendance this year was epic, and brought people from all over the country to mingle under one roof, meet with old friends and colleagues, make new ones, and most importantly, network.

Being that this event was going to bring sneaker lovers, I took the opportunity to take a few shots of the best footwear at the event. I wish I was able to take shots of everyone’s footwear choices, but with a crowd of thousands, it was out of the question. The amount of different models and styles people were rocking amazed me. You were able to see exclusive, rare, unreleased, vintage, and high-end sneakers. Individuals from all walks of life chose to break out a pair that reflected their own personal taste and style.  Overall, the selection of sneakers was impressive to say the least.

Which pair is your favorite? Leave your comments below and share your thoughts.