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About the Armour39

What makes the Armour39 so revolutionary?

After you have finished a workout, the Armour39 determines your WILLpower, a.k.a., how hard you really worked.

Under Armour’s Digital Support Manager, Sara Hester, says, “The CEO and founder Kevin Plank wanted a score for his workout, no matter what he did, that would allow him to compare from one workout to another. The product engineers took this inspiration to develop a scientific calculation.”

Based on a score between 0.0-10.0, the WILLpower algorithm combines how long you worked out, heart rate, what you did, height and weight, to compute an overall performance score. 

“The device is set apart from the traditional heart rate monitor because it captures every heartbeat, not just an average,” which is also the reasoning behind the development of a band versus a wristwatch. “It also contains an accelerometer that allows for it to capture your body position to give more accurate performance info.”

There’s no cheating yourself with this measurement system, plus it’s easy to use.

Strap the band across your chest, turn it on, and start your workout. The Armour39 module in the chest strap records up to 16 hours of workout data at a time and can store up to 30 days of information.

Once you download the app, the Armour39 auto-transmits workout data to your phone from up to 15 feet away via Bluetooth technology and can store information up to 180 days, so there’s no need to be glued to your phone.

Get the most accurate information and better dial into your workout routine with the Armour39.

Win the Armour39

That’s right, we’re giving away 5 Armour39s within the next 14 days – two the first week and three the second. How do you fitness lovers get your muscles on one? Answer this question in the comments section below: 

What would you add into your own personal algorithm to measure WILLpower?

Possible answers might include, “How great exercise makes me feel afterwards,” or “How hard I worked out the previous day.” We’re curious to know what it is. You have until December 18, 2013, at 10:00pm EST to enter. If your reply gets chosen, you’ll be doing more than just talking about WILLpower.

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