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5 Running Trends for the Bored Runner

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Running day in and day out on the same route can be very monotonous, so athletes have been developing new ways to put the fun back in run. Read on as we enlighten you with 5 cool new running trends that’ll spruce up your favorite activity.

1. Mud Running

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Who doesn’t like to have an adventure and get dirty once in a while? If you choose to participate in a mud run, such a Tough Mudder race, you’ll have a little more than sweat sticking to your body. The mud pits and other unique obstacles of mud runs take the ennui out of running. You never quite know what is going to get thrown your way, and you’ll be challenging yourself to something other than beating your personal road record.

2. Trail Running

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All across the country, runners are shelving their pavement shoes for something that’s more tailored for the trail. Why the sudden influx of trail runners? There’s nothing quite as tranquil as stepping out into the great outdoors for some exercise. It can help take your mind off the exercise itself, and allow you to take the time to appreciate nature and all its beauty.

3. Minimalist Running

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Whether it’s barefoot running or running in a zero-drop shoe, minimalist running has taken the world by storm recently. Promoting a more natural and biological form of exercise, barefoot/minimalist running takes us back to our primal state. We are becoming increasingly more dependent on technology in our everyday lives, and going for a minimal run can help keep you in touch with your cardinal instincts.

4 .Themed Races

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Who wouldn’t enjoy feeling like a kid again by throwing on a disguising costume? This urge of ours has brought along a new running trend, and we are seeing more themed runs each year. Whether you dress up like a zombie, Elvis or your favorite cartoon character, throwing on a costume with a bunch of strangers and hitting the pavement is a great way to put some excitement back into your run.

5. Night Runs

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While running typically takes place in the morning or early evening hours after work, runners are now stepping out into the darkness of night more and more. For one, the temperature has usually cooled off a lot from the heat of the day, making for a more comfortable run. Secondly, if you get the wireless speakers going and break out some glow sticks and body paint, your run really gets exciting.

How do you keep running fresh and exciting?