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4 Running Tips for Beginners

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Considering getting off the couch and logging some miles around the neighborhood? The first step is always the hardest part.

If you are struggling with finding the motivation, just think about all of the benefits that running provides, including weight loss, improved cholesterol and blood pressure. It may make your decision a little easier knowing that you don’t have to hit the pavement running right away, and you can gradually ease into a nice routine. Here is what you need to know if it is your first time hitting the running trail.

1. The first thing that you are going to need is some good running equipment.

Running shoes vary a great deal from one to another, more specifically in terms of technologies and fits. Everyone’s feet are shaped differently, and there are running shoes out there designed specifically for different foot types. If you are not sure if you have a wide foot, or what type of pronator you are, we recommend heading to your local Finish Line store where an employee can help you find the best fitting shoe for you.

2. Prepare yourself for that first run. 

Make sure that you have a light snack about an hour and a half before your run, such as an energy bar, and drink 8 ounces of water about an hour before you take off. This will keep you hydrated and well-fueled for your first run, which should help cut down on fatigue.

3. Do a combination of walking and running on your first day.

Make sure you have a stopwatch with you to keep track of time, and alternate between walking for 2 minutes and running for 1 minute. Do each set 10 times, and you’ll have completed your first run!

4. On the second day, you are going to want to take it even easier to let your body recover.

We recommend just going out for a 30 minute power walk, keeping up your pace a little bit, but not breaking out into a full on jog.

3. For day three, repeat the same process as you did on day one, but this time, push yourself a little harder.

Try perhaps running for 2 minutes, followed by walking for 1. By this time, you should have a better idea at what your body is capable of. If you are just too exhausted, don’t hesitate to repeat the same workout as the first day. On the following day, you want to repeat the same light walk that you did on the second day.

4. Keep this routine up for a whole week.

By the end of the week, you should be feeling healthier already! You will also have a much better feel for your body. Try setting new goals and pushing yourself even further.

What are some of your running tips for beginners?