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Top 10 Best Cold Weather Schools

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Football season is almost synonymous with the cold weather that seems to coincide with it, to the point where it doesn’t quite feel like football season until the temperature drops.

With the two being so closely associated with each other, we thought we’d put together a list of the best teams that represent that connection. Finish Line presents the Top 10 Cold Weather Schools.

10. Nebraska

Once a dynasty in college football, the Cornhuskers aren’t quite what they used to be. Nevertheless the Cornhusker fans are still forever faithful.

9. Michigan State

The state is divided between allegiance to the Wolverines and the Staters. All in all, there’s a love for football all around the state.

8. Maryland

Gradually coming into prominence these last couple of years, the Terrapins are joining the ranks of the better teams in college football.

7. Wisconsin

The state of Michigan loves its football, and its stately neighbor is no different. Being so close to the Great White North, it’s bound to be cold up there during football season.

6. Northwestern

Illinois football is an interesting topic. The power seems to revolve from school to school, and Northwestern is where it’s at for the time being.

5. Washington

Despite the Pac-12 being dominated by Stanford and Oregon, Washington has been finding a way to maintain a spot in the spotlight.

4. Notre Dame

With no conference allegiance, it’s surprising the Notre Dame has been able to hang on to their following, and then you realize why. Because this is Notre Dame we’re talking about.

3. Michigan

Hands down, the Wolverines own not only the state of Michigan, but also the the greater region that surrounds the state, in which we like to call Wolverine country. 

2. Ohio State

For a while, many believe the glory days of Ohio State football was behind the program. Luckily, they recently landed Urban Meyer. Behold, the new glory days.

1. Alabama

Interesting choice, right? Despite being in the south, no team anywhere is better than the Crimson Tide of Alabama. Warm or cold weather, they’re the best.

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