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Baller on a Budget: Bikes Kill Many Birds with One Stone

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The two main goals here are: first, saving money, and second, looking good. A bike in your arsenal takes care of both.

Yes, it’s true that some bikes are pretty expensive, but that is certainly not always the case. In many cities, you can find easy-to-use bike rental programs like BikeShare in Washington D.C. or CitiBike in New York City. But if you want to just make the small investment and have one of your own, there are always cheap options on craigslist.

Upon finding my used bike on craigslist, my car has turned into little more than a groceries vehicle, allowing my credit card to stay far away from the gas pump.

Not only does a bike keep you away from gas stations, but it’ll get you in good shape. My office is just a mile and a half from my apartment, a nice little three mile round-trip ride that has now become a part of my daily routine. When I first hopped on the bike-to-work bandwagon, the uphill portions of my commute were quite challenging. Less than a year later, I’ve built up the strength, and I find myself taking the roundabout routes just to explore.

As if saving money and staying in shape weren’t enough, the benefit to the environment is another great reason to trade parking lots for bike racks. We all know that this world of ours could use some help, so why not do our part by reducing our individual ecological footprint?

The only downside I have found is that if I need to carry something with me on the ride, a backseat might be nice for the storage space. But here at Finish Line, we offer a wide array of bags and backpacks for all your storage needs.

So by my count, 1. we just saved money, 2. got in better shape, and 3. helped save the planet, all by buying a bike, and found almost no downside. That’s a lot of birds with one simple stone.

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