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Exercise Awesome: Tournament Paintball

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You can’t be scared. You have to be intimidating.

Tournament paintball dominator, Eric Vlosky, is the Team Manager and Co-Captain for Colorado Blitz’s Open Team. He has three 2nd place wins under his belt from competing in the Blitz Championship Series tournaments, and plans on taking podium at the National Professional Paintball League Competition later this year.

Vlosky warns, “On-field regurgitating at national events is common due to physical exhaustion,” but that it’s, “fun as hell.” Luckily, my first lesson wasn’t a national competition.

  • Tournament paintball: With a battlefield of bunkers, a paintball gun, and your instincts, you have to think fast to shoot players of the opposing team before they shoot you.
  • Why you should try it: Adrenaline levels are completely maxed out from engaging in survival mode; you don’t realize how exhausted you are until exiting the field.
  • Muscles used: Your cardiac and quad muscles get the most conditioning with the “constant running, diving, squatting and crawling.”
  • Highlights: The aggressiveness of the exercise makes paintballing an excellent outlet for releasing built-up tension.
  • Calories burned: 95-382 per hour, depending on whether you’re one to hide or seek (to get a more accurate account of measuring calories based on your weight, check CalorieLab).
  • Equipment needed: A paintball gun, paintballs, a mask, and goggles.
  • What to wear: Jeans and a long-sleeve shirt, even if it’s hot. The coverage will alleviate the minor sting of getting hit. More importantly, you’re going to want a very reliable pair of runners. My Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13 allowed flexibility without compromising support as I maneuvered around the field.
  • Hurdles: The first game can be overwhelming. After playing a couple, the shock-factor supersedes, and you’re left eager for more.

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