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4 Benefits of the Mizuno Prophecy 2

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Mizuno’s motto is “never settle”.

Considered by many as the pinnacle in performance running footwear, Mizuno’s second iteration of the Wave Prophecy has received a revamp that has made one of the best running shoes on the market even better.

1. The Wave Plate – The Wave Plate is often said to be the most effective midsole technology. Upon impact, forces are dissipated away from the foot, which provides more cushion in every step.

2. Smoothride Engineering – For a rocking-chair like transition from heel to toe-off, the Wave Prophecy 2 comes equipped with Smoothride Engineering for the ultimate frictionless ride.

3. Dynamotion Fit – Featuring Mizuno’s Dynamotion Fit technology, the updated upper of this shoe moves with your foot throughout your stride, while eliminating bunching in the toe area.

4. Less Weight in Heel – The heel counter has also dropped some weight compared to its predecessor, as well provide a more locked-in feeling.

Check out the Prophecy 2 to feel the benefits.