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Anything You Can Do

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It wasn’t too long ago that Gatorade aired that commercial featuring Michael Jordan and Mia Hamm with the song “Anything You Can Do” playing in the background. We saw Mia join MJ on the court, and Jordan laced up some cleats to challenge Hamm on the soccer pitch. At the time, it was one of the most interesting commercials, and now, in hindsight, it begs the question: are there female athletes can hold their own with the boys? We’ve got a few women that dominate their sport that might make this phrase have some validity.

Mia Hamm – Soccer

Although the rest of the world dominates the sport locally known as soccer, there was a time when the USA Women’s soccer team was at the top of their sport, with Mia Hamm being the best of the best. She tallied 275 goals in her 17 years of international play while also winning a gold medal two times during that span. Looking over at the men’s team, no one has done anything close. We think it’s safe to say that the guys could’ve benefitted from Mia being on the squad.

Jennie Finch – Softball

Although baseball is America’s pastime, softball doesn’t get nearly as much love. That’s probably why Jennie Finch has flown under the radar, but if you check her stats, there’s no denying that she was in a league of her own, maybe even worth of joining the major leagues. In her 5 years of being on the national team, she was virtually unbeatable, allowing less than one run a game while she was on the mound. Meanwhile on the men’s side of things, Mark McGwire and Sam Sosa were hitting balls out of the park on the regular.

Missy Franklin – Swimming

Granted, if you compare times, Missy Franklin falls a bit short of the guys, but if you take into consideration that Franklin was easily the best on the national team, and the fact that she was only 16 years old at the time, I’d say she probably needs to jump in the pool with the guys, so she can have a little competition come Rio.

Serena Williams – Tennis

Growing up with one of the best tennis players of all time has its downsides and its perks. The downside for Serena Williams was that she was in the shadow of her sister, Venus, earlier on in her career. The upside is that she trained against the best and eventually became the best. Serena has won 90% of her matches, so we’d say the opposition is getting a little obsolete, and if you’ve seen the muscles on her, you’d agree that she’s ready and equipped to challenge the contenders in the other gender bracket.

Brittney Griner – Basketball

While Lisa Leslie was the first to dunk in a WNBA game, Brittney Griner came along and one-upped her by dunking in a high school game. Since then, it’s been dunk after dunk after dunk, so much so, that it’s almost expected. Another place where a lot of dunking takes place? The NBA, and with Griner standing 6 foot 8 inches (taller than the NBA average), she could very well take her talents to the next level.