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My Dream Run

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So you’ve got 5 miles of running room ahead of you and a teleportation machine fully equipped with futuristic technology that doesn’t exist just yet (to our knowledge). Thankfully, I’ll be accompanying you as your tour guide as we navigate the globe in search of the most breath-taking spots that this planet has to offer. If you’re ready for the ride, we’re ready to roll.

Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco): For our first mile, we’re in San Francisco for one of the best views that not only California, but the United States, has to offer. Spanning over the San Francisco Bay, the bridge is not only breathtaking to behold in and of itself, but the scenery and sounds are unmatched.

Machu Picchu (Peru): Luckily for us, we don’t have to hike all the way up Machu Picchu (elevation: 8,000 feet). As we take our mile lap around the ruins, try not to take everything in all at once, especially not any deep breaths, due to the altitude. The simple fact that a civilization was built in such an obscure place is mind-boggling on its own, not to mention that the feeling when there is of a fortress of solitude. 

Tunnel of Love (Ukraine): Rarely do people visit the Ukraine, or have any reason to, but for the Tunnel of Love, we had to make it a destination. What used to be an old train tunnel, has been surrounded and engulfed by trees. Dubbed the Tunnel of Love because of its popularity with couples, it also doubles as a fun and entrancing place to run. 

Blue Lagoon Hot Springs (Iceland): The rumor is that Greenland is icy, and Iceland is green, and at the Blue Lagoon Hot Springs, it seems like the rumors are true. While the place is man-made, the area and water is heated by underground volcanic activity, so much so, that even in the snowy winter (when it’s the most beautiful), the water is still quite toasty.

Ice Canyon (Greenland): If you can bear to tough out the cold for a mile, then the Ice Canyon is an impressive place to check out. Think Grand Canyon, covered in smooth white snow. There isn’t too much to say about this destination as there’s truly no words to describe the scenery.