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5 Ways to Stay Active in the Office

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Does the high speed 21st-century keep you away from your daily workout routine? The gym isn’t the only place to burn off those extra calories consumed while celebrating weekly employee birthdays. We’ve scrounged up five ways to stay active in the office.

1. Bike/walk to work – if that’s nearly impossible, try taking a spot near the rear of the lot instead of that front row gem, these few extra steps will add up. Lunch would also be a good time to walk to the nearest eatery to grab a light meal.

2. Take the stairs – whether it’s two or twenty-five flights of stairs, each step is one closer to your goal of shirtless river floats and party boats this summer.

3. Walk and talk on the phone – if you aren’t willing to splurge for a treadmill work station, you can still burn a few pounds off by taking your phone calls strutting-up and down the runway-like hallways of the office. 

4. Replace your chair with an exercise ball – slouching down like a limp noodle or reared back with feet propped up is hardly going to engage your core. Switch out your oversized chair for an exercise ball that will not only have you using muscles you didn’t even know you had, but it will help improve your posture overall.

5. Get up and ask a co-worker a question instead of emailing them – we know Frank isn’t the best looking guy in the office, but he will be worth your while when you realize two flights of stairs and a few corridors will burn off that slice of birthday cake you couldn’t resist earlier.