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App Spotlight: Daily Workout

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Remember when you had to get a gym membership and drive all of those miles just to get a good workout? Well, those days are well behind you, because like you’ve heard time and time again, there’s an app for that. So read up as we give you the rundown on the “Daily Workouts” app.

Ready and available in the palm of your hands are more than 100 different workouts, with video footage showing how to do each exercise. If you have a problem area that you want to target, there’s a bank of 5 to 10 minute workouts that attack and isolate your trouble spots. For a total body workout, there are up to 30 minute workouts that will leave your entire body thoroughly  sore the next morning.

Into pilots? It’s got it. Stretching? That’s covered. Got some kettlebells at home you want to put to use? Bring them on out, as all of the above are all included in the app.

All for $3.99, you get all five daily workout apps (ab, arm, butt, cardio and leg) in one solid and amazing app for whatever  you feel like attending to.

Enough talking about it, download the app Daily Workouts - Daily Workout Apps, LLC, break out the weights and get after it in the comfort of your own home.