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Dance Workout Trends

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In the good old days, working out consisted of lifting heavy objects, running endlessly on treadmills, and tricking yourself into thinking an elliptical was all you needed to get a total workout. Granted, those methods are still effective in the midst of modern technology, but frankly, they’re a little, well…boring. To take the bore out of working out, dancing has become the latest effective way of exercising and it’s slowly replacing more conventional techniques. Looking to change things up and try something outside of the box? Read up on some of the newest dance workout trends that are making waves and shaking things up. 


It started of as an accident, when a dance instructor forgot to bring music for an aerobics class, so he played a few tapes from his personal collection. He had his students perform dance moves to the rhythm, and Zumba was born. Covering a number of dance styles, from salsa to belly dancing, Zumba aims at having more of a party-feel, rather than the feeling of a regular workout. Don’t underestimate it, though, as this dance workout can burn anywhere between 500 to 1000 calories in an hour.


This dance workout adds yoga and martial arts to the mix creating a more sensual experience. Each class sets an “intention” in the beginning, such as grounding through the feet or opening through the heart, and goes through seven different rhythm cycles thereafter. Whereas other dance workouts are focused on movement and calorie-burning, Nia is finely-tuned to improve flexibility, strength, agility and stability. Although getting rid of calories isn’t this dance workout’s selling point, it’s no slouch, as you shouldn’t expect to lose less than 400 calories per workout.

The Bar Method

Never fear, no barbells here. We promise this is all dancing, and no heavy lifting. This is probably the lowest on the “fun” scale, compared to the other two options, but provides, arguably, the best results. Using isometrics to target specific muscle groups, you can rest assured that you’ll have long, lean and sculpted muscles in no time. Focused on small movements, this exercise is the best around when it comes to recovering from and preventing injury.

Seeing that there’s just about the lowest possibility of you dropping weights on your feet, you can toss those bulky workout sneakers to the side and check out the Nike Studio Wrap shoes. Giving you all the support you need for your dance workout. It also aids in providing balance and stability when moving around, while keeping a natural feeling fit. Check it out at FinishLine.com and get hip to a new workout plan.