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Free Trainer 5.0 Colors to Brighten Up Your Workout

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Finding that motivation for your next workout can sometimes prove to be even more challenging than the workout itself. One way to find motivation for you workout is to break the monotony of your everyday workout routine, and a new pair of training shoes just might be the trick. Of course you are going to need something that is high performance, but something that looks nice as well is always good for that little extra motivation.

The new Free Trainer 5.0 from Nike is one of those shoes that not only looks great, but it also features all of the performance aspects that you need from a great training shoe. They come equipped with the ever-so popular Nike Free 5.0 sole for a barefoot like feel, but they also have DiamondFLX traction in the outsole for enhanced multi-directional ability. The upper of this shoe is a brand new design from Nike, and features intertwined pliable bands that adapt to the shape of your foot for a truly custom fit.

Not only does the uniquely designed upper make for great performance, but it also looks pretty darn cool as well. There are several colorways available now on FinishLine.com, and each one is just as eye-catching as the next. So if you have the desire to brighten up your workout routine, head on over to pick out your favorite pair of the Nike Free Trainer 5.0.

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