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Ways to Exercise Your Brain

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While you’re attacking your New Years Resolution and making it last by shedding weight and building muscle, don’t forget to exercise your brain. Last time we checked, being ditzy or a meathead isn’t the coolest thing so, flex your head muscles this summer when you’re resting up from your workout.

1. Word Games

Not quite sure how to exercise that brain muscle? Try a game of Scrabble, or for you iPhone users Words With Friends. No friends to play with? Try a crossword puzzle, or if words aren’t your thing, go for a few games of Sudoku.

2. Word-of-the-Day Calendar

For something a little less stimulating, but just as enriching, subscribe to a word-of-the-day calendar that returns a new word everyday that you probably don’t currently have in your vernacular.

3. Meditate

To take things down even more of a notch, there’s the meditation option, where you control your breathing and focus all of your attention on it.

4. Art

For the creative minds, drawing, painting and anything formulated through creativity is always a good way of release the stress and hone your brain cells. For the more experienced artists, try doing these things with the opposite hand to strengthen your brain through concentration.

Overall, just as you don’t let your body get too much of a rest in between workout, don’t let your brain get lazy. Keep it warmed up this summer.