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Nike’s Hyperfuse Technology

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Nike has been and probably always will be dedicated to breakthrough technology and staying ahead of the curve. When Nike develops something new, they go all out and implement it as much as they can on as many upcoming and past models as possible.

Back in 2010, Nike introduced the Hyperfuse technology: a lightweight mesh-like material that was durable, breathable and innovative.

Hyperfuse is a composite material composed of three layers: one for stability, one for breathability and the third of durability. The “fuse” comes from the three being “fused” together to create a level of precision unattainable via traditional cut-and-sew methods. With no seams, the material puts less pressure on the athlete’s feet, making for a shoe that gives without taking away much.

Initially used for basketball shoes, Nike observed the Hyperfuse’s ability to withstand extreme wear without much tear, the folks behind the swoosh decided to show some Hyperfuse love to their other models with by updating the material on the uppers.

Hyperfuse technology is everywhere now, and with the way Nike has continued to keep things going with it, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. FinishLine.com has got a selection of shoe with Hyperfuse built into the upper, so check them out and stay tuned for what Nike has next up.