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All-White Customized

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We’re pretty far removed from Labor Day, and with summer due to make an appearance as early as May, it’s prime time to break out those all-white kicks. Alright, we’ll admit, they’re more like all-off-whites after last summer, but now’s the best time to restock on a new pair. Given the all-white offerings from Reebok (Question Low), Nike (Air Force 1) and adidas (Hardcourt Hi), if you’re in the market for a refresher, you’re in good hands.

In addition to the “white for the summer” trend, the clean slate of these shoes is shaping up to be the perfect canvas for sneaker customizers to exercise their skills and creativity.

A stark-white base leaves the door open for not only a number of options when putting together the perfect summer outfit, but also leaves ample working space for customizers to explore all possibilities without restrictions.

With summer on its way, we’re reaching the nexus of perfection: perfect weather, perfect white kicks, and opportunity to perfect those shoes by customizing them to your preference.