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Athlete Style Icon: Dwyane Wade

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When thinking of athletes that are style icons, Dwyane Wade pops into most people’s minds. What is it about this man’s style that sets him apart from others?

If there was one word to sum up Dwyane’s style, it could be none other than class. This guy is so classy, it is surprising that he has yet to adopt the nickname ”Dapper Dwyane” or “Well-groomed Wade”. Whether he is on the way to the game or out for dinner with his lady, Dwyane usually has on the finest of suits, pocket square included. One thing about his style that makes it so great is that you can really tell he reflects his personal self in his fashion. While some people look silly trying to rock sneakers with suits, Dwyane pulls it off to a tee, reflecting his classy nature with an athletic feel.

Dwyane also rocks colors better than most. He doesn’t shy from bright colors like pinks, yellows, or teals, and he wears them in a very tasteful manner. Vests, ties, and pocket squares add accent colors to his outfits that are not overbearing. But let’s be real, not everyone can pull of what our man, Dwyane does. You may not be able to exactly mimic Dwyane’s look when he’s off the court, but you certainly can when he is on it. Check out the adidas Miami Heat Dwyane Wade Swingman Jersey at Finishline.com.

In a nutshell, Dwyane Wade is just one fly man. Hate or love his style, you have to respect it, because his style is always true to his self, and he is undoubtedly a style icon.