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Best Places to Run In/Near San Francisco

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In the case of California, you don’t need to be told where to go for some good places to run, because frankly, that’s pretty much everywhere. We’ve got some select places in the San Francisco area you probably haven’t heard of that stand out above the rest. For a quick rundown, check out our picks below.

First up is The Presidio. Stretching over 25 miles of trail path, this is a spot that you can traverse a few times have the trail all to yourself. As a rest stop, take a break under the Golden Gate bridge and admire the amazing scenery.

Following the grandiose theme that is California, there’s The Embarcadero. As the name implies, this trail runs right along the San Francisco Bay pier. Needless to say, there’s a lot see if you want to check this path out, but also expect to see a lot of people doing the same. But, if you like people watching, it’s all good.

Taking things away from the waterfront for a second, there’s the Golden Gate Park. Put simply, it’s an amazing park with amazing history. If you go in through the panhandle entrance, you’ll encounter a waterfall, stow lake and a few buffalo along the way. This path is a winding one, and with dirt trails branching off of the main route, there’s room for much exploration.

Ok, we couldn’t stay away from the coast for too long, so without further adieu, we present the Lands End trail. Rather than the common beachfront, this one is a trail along a cliff that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. How about that for breathtaking? Although, there’s only 3 miles of running room, you’ll be sure to get out there as the parking spots are virtually unlimited.

We’ve saved the best for last, and this unassuming adventure is definitely the one to check out. The Crissy Field lies right next to the entrance to the bay, so you already know what the view is going to be like. Seeing as it’s only a 4 mile round trip, if you want to extend it a little further, there’s an exit that leads right up to the Golden Gate Bridge, and you know that view needs no further explanation.