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Who Wore That? Nike Air 2 Strong

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Alright class, this week we’re going to touch upon one of the most underrated and under-appreciated shoes that Nike had to offer back in the 90s. Sneaker aficionados like ourselves know all about the Nike Air 2 Strong, but that can’t be said about the casual shoe wearer, so without further adieu, take out your pen and pad and jot down a few things about this slept-on sneaker.

Lesson One: You can’t tell by the name, but the Nike Air 2 Strong is a descendant of Nike’s Force family. A quick gander through Nike’s basketball shoe lineage will tell you right away that a Force shoe is all about rugged durability. Engineered to withstand the rigors of the intense and tenacious big man on the basketball court, it’s no surprise that Nike went with a certain somebody to showcase this sneaker. And that brings us to Lesson Two.

Lesson Two: The 90s was the era of the true center, with most teams unified around a superstar big guy in the middle of it all, so who better to choose for the task of exemplifying being 2 Strong than David Robinson. With an MVP award, and multiple All-Star selections among other various awards, Robinson was truly a force to reckoned with in the league. David Robinson dominated the NBA, so it was only right that he wear a shoe that dominated the hardwood, and The Swoosh came through for the Admiral.

Lesson Three: Now we’re at why all of this is important, and the answer to that question is simple. Up until this point, big men were restricted to wearing a ridiculously high-top sneaker that ultimately lent itself to a restricted style of play, so to match Robinson’s versatile game, Nike had to break the mold. Wanting to keep the support of a high-top, the Air 2 Strong was trimmed down to a mid-cut and a foam/leather ankle wrap was added for a flexible range of motion that also provided support and stability.

The Nike Air 2 Strong was an amazing shoe that was a trailblazer, setting the stage for a number of diverse models to come after it. Think about it and take a look at the shoe that you ball in now. If there’s an inner lining that extends out of the shoe, chances are it inherited that trait from the Air 2 Strong. And that brings us to the end of this week’s session.

Any questions? Class dismissed.