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Who Wore That?: adidas T-Mac

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T-Mac’s back! Well, not exactly class, but his first signature sneaker is making a return to store shelves this month, so that’ll be the topic this in “Who Wore That 101”. Sit back, listen up and feel free to take notes.

Lesson One: Aside from Kobe Bryant, adidas hadn’t really dabbled in the signature sneaker game as much as its brand competitors, but landing a deal a with one the best players of the era in Tracy McGrady was definitely a huge statement made by adidas. adidas loves to show their stripes, so they didn’t hold anything back as they slapped the three stripes on either side of the T-Mac 1 and added some adidas flavor with a modified rubber shelltoe piece to the front.

Lesson Two: Why did adidas choose Tracy McGrady to rock these sneakers? At that point in time, you went for the best, the most athletic, versatile, and that man was T-Mac himself. The consummate professional, a relentless hardworking individual and the ultimate teammate, he was the example of what adidas wanted to be represented by.

Lesson Three: The T-Mac 1 is an important shoe in sneaker history, because it jumpstarted a long line of popular for adidas that were gobbled and snatched off shelves by fans of the star that wanted to ball like him. Built with incredibly durable materials and a futuristic design, this shoe was lightyears ahead of its time, much like Tracy McGrady was ahead of the competition.

If you’re writing the basketball history books, T-Mac’s name is on the front page, if not the cover. For the sneaker history book, the signature line gets its own chapter. For the final, let’s just say it may be an essay question. Class dismissed.