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Nike HyperWarm Collection

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Although winter is upon us, Nike’s HyperWarm collection will make sure that your workout game does not get put on ice.  Whether for training or game day, the Pro Combat Hyperwarm Fitted Dri-FIT Max Shield Mock and the Pro Combat Hyperwarm Dri-FIT Max Shield Tights are sure to provide you with warmth, breathability and support.

Both the mock and tights consist of Dri-FIT Max fabric designed to pull chilling sweat away from the body and Max Shield technology to keep you dry in the rain. The line also incorporates ventilation systems over high heat zones to regulate body temperature during workouts, which allows athletes to perform at their peak.

The HyperWarm collection is designed for athletes across a wide array of sports, and will be sure to keep you working out and performing to your full potential, even during cold winter days.