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Getting Over the “No Football” Funk

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It’s that time of year again. The most dreaded time for all of you SportsCenter fanatics. Football’s over, so life might as well be over, right? Not so fast. There are still quite a few things you can be doing until August and football rolls back around again.

1. Football’s not all the way over:

Yeah, the season’s done, but pretty much everything else is still yet to come. Players are getting released, traded, and forced into retirement. Let’s not forget that the draft and the hubbub around that is well underway. As expected there will be a few scandals here and there, sprinkled with a little drama, so if you thought the excitement of football was over, stay tuned.

2. Watch other sports:

If you haven’t noticed, there are a few television channels that are dedicated to reporting sports all day, everyday. While football may rule everything around you, the sports world feels a little different, so get with the program and check out the other 87 sports that are also worth watching.

3. Get out of the house and do stuff:

You already live the vicarious life of head coach/general manager through your numerous fantasy football teams, so why not relive your high school memories of being the star quarterback and play a little pitch and catch with your buddies. Ok, maybe you weren’t that guy, but you still have video games to hold you over, girlfriend permitting.

Football’s over, and frankly, we’re having a hard time getting over it as well, but there are alternatives and options. It’s pretty similar to a bad breakup, but with the twist of getting back together in due time. Don’t sweat it, let time run its course and football will be back before we all know it.