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LeBron X+ New Colorway

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Nike took things to the next level when they gave full color blocking power to sneaker fanatics with the Nike LeBron X+. With so many eye-catching colorways set to release and the ability to create your own custom look with NIKEiD that’s just as technologically advanced as LeBron’s own PEs, there’s always a pair that will fit your style and wardrobe in an accessible fashion. However, that doesn’t mean Nike hasn’t designated a few exclusive hues for special releases and limited drops.

The “China Jade” colorway is the perfect example of this limited edition phenomenon, as it features a green upper that’s just slightly different enough from the NikeID option, and limited enough in its release, to warrant going the extra mile for a pair. Be sure to give this special colorway the once over, as well as the many diamond-related details that make LeBron’s latest signature so special. We dare you to say this colorway and the shoe’s many technological advances aren’t tempting to warrant picking up a pair. You never know when this colorway, or some of the others gracing the LeBron X+, may make it to shelves again.