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Bred from Toe to Head

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With the past few Air Jordan retro releases, the Jumpman team has taken it back to the basics with colorways that haven’t been seen since Jordan himself was on the court. Seeing as MJ played most of his games in the Chicago black, white and red, most of his shoes have sported colorways to follow suit. Speaking of suit, if you took the liberty of copping some Jordan kicks over the past few months, you can’t rock them without gear to match. Don’t worry, we’ve already got you covered.

We’re doing it toe to head, so to cover those toes, grab a pair of socks for those new sneakers. The Jordan True Crew Socks are the option to go with in this case, as they’re thick for the winter, yet equipped with Dri-Fit technology to keep sweat at bay.

If you plan on wearing your new kicks on the hardwood, don’t forget to grab a pair of shorts to go with them. For you hoopers that ball out in Jordan sneakers, check out the Jordan Franklin St. Shorts. It’s not only flash, but you also get the frills included as well with mesh panels and sweat-wicking technology built in to keep you cool on the court.

No matter where you are, it’s probably still wintertime, so add a pair of Jordan Just Flight Fleece Pants to your arsenal for maximum comfort and warmth. Fleece is always super soft, but you know with Jordan, they take that to the max. Pockets on the side and back give you more than enough storage space, but we say keep things light and out of the those pockets. There’s nothing worse than a light pair of pants weighed down by a set of janitor keys and a brick-like cell phone.

In the past month, four “black, white and red all over” Jordan retros have been released, so if you managed to get one or all, there’s no better shirt to have than the Jordan XI Breds Tee. Plastered across the front reads the word “Breds”. If you got a pair of Jordan retros lately, we assume this shirt needs no further explanation.

Like we said, it’s still cold out in most places, so a hoodie is a good addition to your closet’s section of Jordan apparel. For that, there’s the Jordan Jumbo Jumpman Hoodie. The name speaks for itself with a huge Jumpman leaping across the front, making you stand out, while keeping things simple.

For those of you in a harsher climate, desperate times call for desperate measures, so for that, the Jordan Hyperply Down Player Jacket should have you bundled up and covered. A true bubble jacket, it looks big and bulky, but Jordan Brand has managed to keep it fairly light, yet ultra-effective. In fact, it’s been known to almost keep you too warm, so they’ve installed zip vents for optimal breathability.