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App Spotlight: MusicalHeart

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I’m sure you have experienced it; in the middle of an intense workout session and a song just popped on your iPhone that is not quite as intense as your pace. It can be a real bummer, but fortunately there is a new app that will soon be on the market to prevent this from happening.

The MusicalHeart App is truly genius, and it is designed to match songs that have similar intensities as the stage you are working out in. The key technology behind the app is that it measures your heart rate at any given moment during a workout session, and the app selects a song based on your heart rate. It is so intelligent that it recognizes how each song affects your heart rate, and over time it will adapt the playlist to improve its effectiveness based on your individual results.

Not only will the app help you improve your workouts, but it is very effective for helping you relax after workouts as well. Using the same heart rate sensing technology, the MusicalHeart App will adapt playlists to help you cool down and chill out after workouts when your heart rate begins to drop.

So no longer will you have to spend meaningless hours creating playlists for your workouts, because the MusicalHeart App will do all of this for you. Best thing is, it will be even better at choosing a playlist than yourself thanks to its genius design that matches songs played to the level of your intensity. Although this app has yet to be released, it is clear just how innovative this technology is, and as they say; some things are worth the wait.