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Style Icon: Trey Songz

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In light of the NBA All Star Weekend, we decided it would be appropriate to pick a celebrity who was participating in the three day long event for this week’s edition of Style Icon. Nope, he’s not an NBA All Star, or even an NBA player at all, but he is participating in Friday night’s Sprint NBA All Star Celebrity Game. He has style that is equally as smooth as his voice, and you’d be hard pressed to find someone who has as smooth of a voice or style as Trey Songz.

The 28 year old R&B heart throb Trey Songz is a singer, songwriter, and more recently, an actor as well, and his style is just as versatile as his unique skill set. It’s hard to say how many suits and blazers this man owns, and we doubt he even knows himself. Tweed or twill, stripes or solids, two buttons, three buttons, four buttons, black or white, and everything in between, you won’t catch Trey Songz in the same suit twice. It’s hard to imagine that someone could wear all of these different styles of suits and not look a little corny every once in awhile, but one thing about Trey Songz is that he has taste. Not too many people can pull off a sting ray collard blazer, or even afford one for that matter, but Trey Songz knows exactly what to pair it with, and he still looks classier than ever.

Although he’s the type to dress up rather than down nine times out of ten, Trey Songz is still very well put together the other 10% of the time. Usually, he will sport a tailored white or black v-neck tee shirt, paired with a nice pair of denims, and a classy designer belt to add the finishing touch. He also doesn’t shy away from accessories, and he typically will have on a few pieces of jewelry, but never anything gaudy or over the top. He’s not the type to wear sunglasses at night, but during the day you’ll see him in a pair of gradient aviators or other classic styled sunglasses.

We are most definitely looking forward to All Star Weekend, and to see what Trey Songz will bust out of his extensive wardrobe for the fun filled event. Because of his versatility and plethora of pieces, we could never guess to as what exactly that might be, but we can guarantee that he will be one of the best dressed men in Houston, Texas on February 15th through the 17th, and for that, Trey Songz is undoubtedly a style icon.