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Who wore that?

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Regarded as one of the NBA’s best dunkers of all time, Dominique Wilkins earned the nickname “The Human Highlight Film” with much appropriation. Dominique earned the name while playing high school ball in Washington, North Carolina, which is where he started dazzling fans and opponents alike with spectacular inside moves and devastating dunks. His three years at the school, the Washington High Pam Packs only lost one game and won two state championships where Dominique was crowned MVP. With a reputation for putting on a show for the crowd, The Human Highlight Film was recruited to the University of Georgia where he was awarded the 1981 SEC Player of the Year.

After being drafted to the Utah Jazz as the third overall pick, Dominique was traded to the Atlanta Hawks before the start of his rookie season in 1982. He quickly became a local hero in Atlanta, although he was never able to help the team win a national championship. Nevertheless, everyone in Atlanta loved Dominique, especially after winning two NBA Slam Dunk Contests. In fact, he was the only person to defeat Michael Jordan in a dunk contest. During the 1990 Slam Dunk contest, Dominique was sporting none other than the Reebok Twilight Zone Pump. In Reebok ad campaigns for the shoe in the early 90’s, Dominique challenged Michael Jordan and his Air Jordan sneakers with the catch phrase “ if you want to fly first class, Pump up and Air out”.