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Metallic For The Whole Fam

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You don’t need diamonds to shine bright. Sometimes, all it takes is a little metallic to spice up your outfit with some glitz. Looking to really stand out in a sea of drab? Going for something shiny is the perfect addition you need, and luckily, there’s something for everyone.

Men, there’s nothing wrong with having an affinity for the shinier things in life, and with the Nike Air Max 97, you’re still in reasonable territory. Most of the upper sports a silver hue that’s more dull metal, as opposed to chrome-like. Add in the fact that the Air Max 97 is a time-tested classic that just refuses to go away, and you’ll easily be able to pull off the “old shoe that looks brand new” look.

We know you ladies don’t tend to shy away from things that are new and eye-catching, so for y’all, we suggest the Nike Air Max 2013+. Nike does what they do best, and continuing the Air Max line was another great move. The addition of metallic panels is just a much-welcomed added bonus. It’s not all flash though. Frills are part of the package as well, as comfort, breathability and stability are a made a priority in this new model.

Middle school and high school? Been there, done that, so we know it’s easy to get lost in the matrix that is the student body. For you schoolgirls, there are two things for you to check out. The Jordan Flight 45 High and the Nike Varsity Gym Bag. While that much shine might seem like a little much, it’s not. Trust us, you can’t over-stand out, and these two items are a package deal.

Chances are, besides those clothes from New Years Eve, your wardrobe’s probably looking a little dull, so do yourself a favor and add a little metallic goodness to your closet.