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The Impact of the Jordan XX8

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The best basketball shoe ever? That’s what the team over at Jordan Brand had in mind when designing the Air Jordan XX8, and they spared no expense to equip this model with all of the latest advanced technology to make the highest performing Jordan basketball shoe to date. Lead designers Tinker Hatfield and Josh Heard wanted to push the boundary of basketball shoes in terms of design, technology, and performance, and the result is a high tech basketball shoe truly unlike anything that we have ever seen or played in before.

To start things off, Jordan Brand wanted to give the XX8 the most advanced cushioning system ever, and they achieved their goal thanks to the first ever Jordan Flight Plate, which utilizes a Pebax moderator plate for the ultimate responsiveness. This plate maximizes compression and deflection of the Nike Zoom units, giving the Zoom units an extra boost that fully maximizes their potential, which is something we have yet to experience on a shoe.

For an ultra stable fit, the XX8 features Nike’s new Dynamic Fit technology, which utilizes internal straps that come up from the midsole to the laces and wrap the foot for lock down support. This technology is also lightweight, and in addition it moves along with the foot to ensure that the shoe remains comfortable as well as stable. As if that wasn’t enough, a carbon fiber external heel counter was added for even more support, and it also adds greatly to the shoe’s aesthetics.

While we have seen zip up basketball shoes before, we haven’t seen anything quite as sleek and high cut as the shroud that covers the inner workings of the XX8. It is made from Schoeller mesh, which is a high quality Swiss fabric that provides an additional layer of support and stability.

If pushing the boundary on basketball sneakers was Jordan Brand’s goal for the XX8, they most certainly succeeded. They packed it chock-full of high tech performance technologies, and amazingly, the XX8 is still the lightest Jordan basketball shoe ever. To put it simply, the Air Jordan XX8 is without a doubt, a game changer.