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Not Just A Watch

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Remember when electronics just did what they were supposed to do and nothing else? Yeah, those times are long gone. Cell phones make calls, surf the internet, take photos, etc. Watches…tell time? While they haven’t really evolved much over the years, the tech geeks at Nike aren’t satisfied. So, they’re doing what they do best and revolutionizing things a little.

With that being said, meet the Nike+ SportWatch GPS. At first glance, it does what watches do best. They’ve gotten rid of the hour and minute analog hands of the old world, and replaced it with an “in-your-face” digital clock, that also displays the day of the week and date for good measure.

That’s not where it stops though. If you’re about that running life, this is where things get interesting. The SportWatch GPS mechanism, expectedly tracks your movement, jots down your distance traveled, and gets together with its internal calculator to deliver your speed. Running laps? Just tap the touch-screen once you’ve done a once-around and it’s just that easy. Couple this thing together with a Polar Wearlink+, and your heart rate and calories burned are at your fingertips, or rather, your wrist.

How will you know if you’ve made any progress? It’s got a built-in brain to keep track of your history and spit out those stats on demand. For a more in-depth look at your progress, plug it up to your computer and upload your run data when you think you’ve made gains.

It runs on a rechargeable battery, so once you’ve burned some energy and broken a sweat, recharge the watch, recharge your body and get back after it.

There aren’t too many things that Nike doesn’t get right, and the Nike+ SportWatch GPS isn’t one of them. Do yourself and your fitness a favor and check it out.