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Fashion Trends for 2013

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As the new year is rung in, so also is new fashion trends. Last year, we saw a lot of people rocking slimmer fitting clothes, but this year we are expecting to see people going baggier, particularly with their shirts. Here is a rundown of what fashion trends you can expect to see this year.

You probably remember about a decade ago when everyone started wearing basketball jerseys. Along with the comeback of baggier shirts, loose fitting Swingman Jerseys are going to make a comeback as well in 2013. The NBA season thus far has been particularly exciting to watch, so people across the nation will be showing their team spirit and profound fashion sense as well.

In the area of pants, sweatpants will continue to be a hot cold weather item until it starts to heat up. The Men’s Jordan All Day Pants are a prime example of style that is comfortable, and comfortable is in for 2013.

As far as sneakers are considered, the higher will be the better. Just like Kevin Durant and the Nike KD V, everyone in 2013 will be going from low tops to high. We also saw sneak peeks of the Air Jordan 28, and those are unquestionably the highest cut Jordan shoe to date.

So remember, in 2013, baggier is better, and higher is flyer.