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Make Your Shoes Last Longer

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Anyone who is into shoes knows just how hard it can be to keep a pair looking fresh and new, especially if it’s a pair of some icy whites. Sneakerheads will go to extreme measures to secure their shoes’ freshness, and Finish Line has a couple of products that will make this process easier and ensure your shoes’ longevity.

They say that the best offense is a good defense, so why not defend your shoes from visible wear in the first place? Thankfully, the New Ride Force Field Toe Box De-Creasers do exactly that, and will greatly decrease the effects of toe box creasing. The patented design foam inserts slide comfortably in the shoes’ toe box, helping to maintain its shape even after hours of wear. So no more excuses for waddling around like a duck trying to keep your shoes from creasing, because Force Fields will prevent that on their own.

We know just how much of a hassle dodging every puddle or patch of grass you come across can be, but if you have a can of Sof Sole Instant Cleaner on deck, you don’t have to worry about that either. This shoe cleaner foams directly on contact, helping to lift dirt and impurities right off of the shoe’s surface. The bottle also comes equipped with a conveniently placed scrubber attached to the lid, making for an all in one package equipped with everything you need.