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College Basketball Game of the Week: Florida vs. Kentucky

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The SEC is not only a powerhouse conference in the football department, but it’s a proven contender as a whole in the basketball world. If there’s any indication of that reality, it’s in the fact that the Florida Gators are ranked in the top 10 and the Kentucky Wildcats are the defending national champions. Luckily for college basketball fans, these two teams will meet and battle it out for this week’s Game of the Week.

Since hiring Billy Donovan to patrol the sidelines, the Gators have made it a habit to get to the national tournament and make some noise while there. Sitting at the top of the SEC and also among the best in the country, things look to be going as planned for this year’s Gator squad.

Fielding the best freshmen from year-to-year, with most taking off for the NBA after just one go-round, the Wildcats can credit their success to their head guy in charge, John Calipari. After re-solidifying themselves as a team to be reckoned with in recent years, the Wildcats have had unexpected bumps in the road as they face possibly missing the national tournament altogether.

Although, the Gators are obviously the better team on paper, the Wildcats have a lot on the line as the season is coming to a close. Look for Kentucky to get things in gear and keep the score close. If it comes down to the final minutes, it’s anybody’s game, but we’ll take the underdog’s side on it.